desert crab logoThe Hairy Crab Desert Classic
April 28- May 2 2024
Palm Springs, CA

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Hey! Yo! This is Vinnie the Wedge talkin’. What?  You got a problem?

Listen. If you want a winning recipe for 1st Place Hairy Crab Jambalaya try this:

2014Pick out a good sized Australian crab with a great upper body and strong claws. It is important that you select a crab that is stress free and basically is the calmest one in the tank.

Next, pick out 2 average sized shrimp. The two shrimp you pick need to look hungry. Get one with a big head and the other with a big heart.

Finally, select one, small, well-aged shrimp.

Marinate all the shrimp together in Macallan for 24 hours at a minimum. Soak the crab in Coca Cola at the same time. Take all to Suzhou. Once in Suzhou, bring the crustaceans to simmer in one pot for 2 days. On the 3rd day bring the “team” of well simmered crustaceans to Tianma. Allow the hybrid mix to cool until 4PM.

Serve over cut crystal.

2014 champsWoody Watkins rode his groundbreaking tripod shrimp to victory in the 15th annual Hairy Crab Invitational.  Woody and Cousin Vinnie were one of only two teams under par Friday and only one stroke off the opening round lead of PC and Dimebag.  Beerboy Jack helped the Auzzie Pro fire a 2nd round 64 to catch Team Shanghai Bald by Saturday night.  Datou joined Woody's anchor leg, holing an 18th hole birdie chip to secure a 3 shot victory over Horse and Dalai Lomo.

Rookie Billy Elliott and a freshly quaffed Doddise fired the day's best alternate shot to secure the Sam Mulligan Toilet Bowl and move into a third place overall tie with PC and Duke.

Entering the day tied for DFL, Mully and Gobbler rose to SMTB 2nd while Pin and the Chairman won DFL going away.

A good time was had by all and bunch of cash was raised for the kids.   Well done to Stew, Joey, Jack , Rob, Swamp, Woody and all the organizing team.


2014 Scores